Scenes from Curacao, 5.17-20.2010

Sunset sail     Great heights     Magic and love herbs  

Scenes from Bike Week, 2.26-28.2010

--Excuse me, sir, is there somewhere else we can park? --You can park at my house. --Ha! --I'm not foolin'!   Ignore the toothless men behind us and say cheese!   Daytona, past and present   Headlights, neon signs  

Great Night Out: ArtOfficial Record Release, 4.26.2010

    ArtOfficial, Miami's fusion of jazz and hip-hop, followed up its win at the Florida Grammys with a major event at Transit Lounge to introduce "The Payback," the band's newest release. Fans passed free copies of the CD through the crowd, packed into the venue to capacity. The band expanded its sound with a live horn …