Heard While Driving: “I Need Love”

This is not, as I first assumed, an Irish tribute to Flight of the Conchords. This is Luka Bloom, and you guys, he needs love.

March Madness, Round Three: BELIEVE

In my head, the Dream Bracket of Idealism has reached levels of excitement that I'd previously associated only with Lady Gaga concerts and Obama circa 2008. We are winning, people. And not in the Charlie Sheen way. Thanks to BYU and Wisconsin (and with an assist from Marquette, who I didn't pick but who knocked Joe's …


I've moved all things Death Race-related over here; the impulse had begun to take up so much space in my head that I thought perhaps it deserved its own space online, too. Normal stuff like published stories and pictures of cats will resume momentarily.  

Oscars Death Race: The End, and The Mannies

Yeah, I'm calling it. I was going to try to squeeze Winter's Bone in after my SoBeWFF event this afternoon, but after three days immersed in food and drink awesomeness, I'd just be thinking about, like, infusing vodka with habaneros or something. I watched Tangled and a couple short animated films a few days ago; you don't want …