Steelers vs. Sweets

The Fisherman and I have embarked upon our own inter-marriage Biggest Loser Challenge. The person who's lost the most of their body weight by percentage at the end of August wins, and not just bragging rights, either. We're playing for the right to attend the regular season NFL game of our choice (assuming there still …

You’re welcome

Hey, remember that time I went to Vino e Olio and was surprised to find amazing food beneath all the glam? The "naked ravioli" was one of the most amazing things I tried, and Short Order has the recipe. Game = changed.  

A Few of My Favorite Things

I'm so excited to share this clip with you -- Draft magazine's May/June cover story! I had the chance to research and sample some of the nation's best burgers, paired with exciting beer lists. A dream assignment, to be sure. Click here to see if I featured your favorite burger joint.