Bow Down

photo_apr_12_12_57_56_pmWhen I assigned this story about Medieval Times Orlando’s first queen, taking over from a 30+-year history of kings, I didn’t know whether the actor stepping up to the throne would have much to say about feminism. To my relief and delight, it turns out that the new queen is a badass queer burlesque dancer, and she wasn’t shy about tearing down the patriarchy:

“The first idea was to have a two-princess show, [but we decided] that we don’t need a king and two princesses. Let’s just have a queen and she will rule it all without a male love interest or male protagonist. It will be her kingdom, her power, her realm, and it will not be diluted [by a love interest]… Romance does not play a role. [In pop culture], the female leads are diluted by love interests that make her weak in the knees. This queen stays strong in the knees, which is especially important now.”

Read more from New Times‘ interview by Minhae Shim Roth.

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