Steelers vs. Sweets

The Fisherman and I have embarked upon our own inter-marriage Biggest Loser Challenge. The person who’s lost the most of their body weight by percentage at the end of August wins, and not just bragging rights, either. We’re playing for the right to attend the regular season NFL game of our choice (assuming there still *are* NFL games, that is). If Joe wins, we go to Boston for a Pats game. If I win, we go to Pittsburgh to see the Steelers, the adorable Hines Ward, Primanti’s sandwiches, the Church Brew Works, the even more adorable Super Nephew, and other family that I basically never, ever get to see ever. (Like, ever.)

The stakes are high, my friends. I am going to win this damn thing.

What this means for me: Marathon training, yoga classes, salsa dancing and tons of veggies. Maybe also some new clothes.
What this means for you: Twice Baked goodies galore. I still have a deadline to meet; now I’m just testing my self-control along with my skills in the kitchen. So I’m now taking names and addresses of anyone who wants free dessert, and also seeking any charitable organizations or bake sales that could use some extra sweetness. Comment here, on Facebook or at Twitter if you want to get in on this action.


Photo by tineypics, Flickr

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