March Madness, Round Two: The Dream Bracket Prevails!

…or, at least, it didn’t fail! The fisherman and I are tied at 21 points after round two. Of course, that’s partly because Joe didn’t choose a team in the UCLA v. Michigan State game. Still, I can only assume this means that God is on my side.

In the fight for idealism, crucial Round Three games include:

  • Duke v. Arizona: Joe played the numbers and chose Duke; butArizona is the #1 western seed in my heart.
  • Kansas v. Illinois: It wouldn’t be the Dream Bracket of Idealism if I hadn’t picked BU (Go Terriers!) over Kansas in the second round; in that same round, Joe chose UNLV over Illinois. Only one of us gets to move forward in round three.
  • Kansas State v. Wisconsin: Again, Joe played by the rules; I think those teachers in Wisconsin could use something to celebrate.
  • Gonzaga v. BYU: Brigham Young University gave us Johnny Lingo; it’s time to give back. (Plus, Joe picked St. John’s all the way into the regional semifinals; I’d like to capitalize on that.)


It’s worth noting, by the way, that I have yet to watch a single game in its entirety. Idealism or bust!


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