The Ciara LaVelle Dream Bracket of Idealism

Every year, my husband and his family get together just before March Madness to pick their teams to win. This year they did it via conference call, and I happened to be there while it took place. I know nothing about college basketball; honestly, I barely recognized some of the names of the schools. And yet somehow The Hubs was inspired to challenge me to a college basketball team-picking contest as well. (Do you hear how ridiculous this is? I don’t even know the terminology for this sort of thing.)

But hey, the winner gets a home-cooked meal, and because I enjoy both cooking and eating, I win either way. So I printed some brackets and filled mine out. I kinda paid attention to the rankings, I guess. But mostly I chose my teams based on how many people I knew from their city or state, and how much I happened to like those people. Good people deserve to celebrate, I figure. So in a perfect world, this is how March Madness plays out this year:

Follow along, won’t you?


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