Sunday Morning Movie Series: Date Night

Just about every Sunday, I get up early and go see a movie. Except for the past two weeks when, shock of shocks, I’ve had stuff to do on Sunday. So I saw movies on Saturday and Thursday instead, making the title of this post a complete fabrication. Hooray for Internets!

And Now, A Few Disjointed Responses to “Date Night”

1) I’ve been married for two weeks. Why do I relate to the “married for years, things get boring sometimes” theme of this movie so much? There are a lot of old people in this theater. Oh god, am I old and boring?

2) How strange to see Tina Fey play a character who’s so submissive and wishy-washy. It’s partly disappointing, but mostly just unconvincing.

3) Oh my gosh, is Tina Fey’s Date Night dress the same one that I made my bridesmaids wear? It really looks like it. How cool is that! But oh wait, she’s supposed to be boring. Maybe it’s not cool. Whatever, I made my bridesmaids look like Tina Fey. You’re welcome, bridesmaids.

4) That exchange about the Kindle is the worst product placement I’ve ever seen. Seriously.

5) The best part of this movie is Tina Fey and Steve Carell sitting at dinner and mocking fellow restaurant-goers. A full-length film of nothing but Fey and Carell making fun of people would’ve been so much better than what I just watched. Not that that’s a high bar to meet.


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